Monday, March 28, 2011

Supplies limited! Two signed books by Ron Franscell!

Are you a collector of signed books? Waiting for a better price at Amazon? Just haven't gotten around to buying these books yet?

Well, now's your chance of a lifetime (or at least of April) to get Ron Franscell's two newest books, both signed by the author, at a bargain price!

The combined cover price for DELIVERED FROM EVIL and THE CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE TO OUTLAW TEXAS would be $43 (plus tax) if you bought them at most retailers. You can get them for $30 at some online stores. Here's the best deal you'll see anywhere: Until Ron's small supply of books runs out, you can get them both for only $29 with free shipping! And signed!

To get instructions on how to take advantage of this deal, just email Ron today at Once your order has been placed, you can pay by check or PayPal, and your books will be shipped right to your home!

Email Ron today!