Friday, January 08, 2010


If you're a Kindle reader, you're in for a treat! My 1999 mystery, THE DEADLINE has just come out in a Kindle edition!

A dying convict's last request thrusts small-town newspaperman Jefferson Morgan into a deadly maelstrom as he explores a fifty-year-old case of child murder -- a wound his town still isn't ready to scrape open. Under the heaviest deadline of his life, and amid threats from unexpected foes, Morgan must struggle with his own conscience to tell a story no matter the consequences, dig deep into the town's past, and reveal a killer who's managed to remain unmasked for almost 50 years.

And keep an eye out next month for the "lost" sequel, THE OBITUARY, which will be published as a Kindle Exclusive for e-readers!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

More praise for THE DARKEST NIGHT

The Book Experiment has just posted a marvelous review of THE DARKEST NIGHT, one of those that makes me glad I told the story. Among the reflections on the book was this:
"Somehow Franscell manages to extend his compassion to the lowlifes, Ronald Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins, responsible for the crime. He tells their story as completely and honestly as he tells of their victims. The contrast between the bleak lives that created such pathetic monsters as Kennedy and Jenkins with the ordinary and seemingly safe lives of their victims is all the more breathtaking for taking place in the same town."
When somebody calls my book -- or any book, for that matter -- one of the best of the past decade, I can't help but swallow hard and hope it's true.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NOW ON KINDLE! Angel Fire by Ron Franscell

The Kindle e-book edition of my first novel ANGEL FIRE debuts today at Amazon!

The San Francisco Chronicle listed ANGEL FIRE among it 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century West ... and now you can read it in a 21st century format!

ANGEL FIRE is a haunting tale of two brothers' separate odysseys of self-discovery. Twenty-four years after war correspondent Daniel McLeod is killed in a Viet Cong ambush, his only brother Cassidy is drawn by a mysterious caller to their Wyoming hometown, where he must confront a lifetime of his own ghosts. Their entangled stories are about equilibrium, the delicate balance between memory and the unknown, dislocation and homecoming ... loss and restoration.

Set against the deceptive simplicity of a small town on the high plains, ANGEL FIRE is a story of timeless rhythms. It resonates with the familiarity of tales told for millennia, but they appear anew here, as fresh as a Wyoming summer breeze.

If you have a Kindle reader, please check it out! If not, it's still available in a traditional book format, too!