Monday, April 12, 2010

DELIVERED FROM EVIL: The cover design

Here's the book-jacket design for DELIVERED FROM EVIL, my upcoming book profiling 10 survivors of mass killings. It will be available everywhere January 2011.

The image on the cover is of a young woman cowering in fear moments after Texas Tower sniper Charles Whitman killed a young man just a few yards away.

The publisher's description: "Delivered from Evil retells the stories of mass murders from the harrowing perspective of a sole survivor. Drawing from extensive research and 1st person interviews with the survivors, the most notable cases will be given a fresh and disturbing new perspective. Using survivor’s accounts, some of which have never been told until now, readers will feel like they are actually walking through the event moment by moment Written in a can’t-put-down-style, Delivered from Evil explores what it takes to be a survivor of a horrific crime in the moment and in dealing with the aftermath of the event."

DELIVERED FROM EVIL ($26, Fair Winds Press) is also available now for pre-ordering at Amazon. Just click here and reserve your copy now!

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Sarah said...

Ron - love the design of the cover. Can't wait until it comes out!