Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NOW ON KINDLE! Angel Fire by Ron Franscell

The Kindle e-book edition of my first novel ANGEL FIRE debuts today at Amazon!

The San Francisco Chronicle listed ANGEL FIRE among it 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century West ... and now you can read it in a 21st century format!

ANGEL FIRE is a haunting tale of two brothers' separate odysseys of self-discovery. Twenty-four years after war correspondent Daniel McLeod is killed in a Viet Cong ambush, his only brother Cassidy is drawn by a mysterious caller to their Wyoming hometown, where he must confront a lifetime of his own ghosts. Their entangled stories are about equilibrium, the delicate balance between memory and the unknown, dislocation and homecoming ... loss and restoration.

Set against the deceptive simplicity of a small town on the high plains, ANGEL FIRE is a story of timeless rhythms. It resonates with the familiarity of tales told for millennia, but they appear anew here, as fresh as a Wyoming summer breeze.

If you have a Kindle reader, please check it out! If not, it's still available in a traditional book format, too!

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