Thursday, January 07, 2010

More praise for THE DARKEST NIGHT

The Book Experiment has just posted a marvelous review of THE DARKEST NIGHT, one of those that makes me glad I told the story. Among the reflections on the book was this:
"Somehow Franscell manages to extend his compassion to the lowlifes, Ronald Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins, responsible for the crime. He tells their story as completely and honestly as he tells of their victims. The contrast between the bleak lives that created such pathetic monsters as Kennedy and Jenkins with the ordinary and seemingly safe lives of their victims is all the more breathtaking for taking place in the same town."
When somebody calls my book -- or any book, for that matter -- one of the best of the past decade, I can't help but swallow hard and hope it's true.


Jill said...

Nice job!

Mark said...

I had the honor to work with Becky for several years. She was then and shall forever be an angel. Love you and miss you Becky.