Sunday, September 06, 2009

Commie, intolerant conspiracy-nut Van Jones: 'What did I do?'

Van Jones, the green jobs "czar" in the Obama Administration, has resigned. He blames right-wing talk radio and health-care reform protesters.

Gee, really?

Yeah, it couldn't possibly be that Jones harbored a belief that the Bush Administration secretly ordered or allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen. Jones admitted last week that he signed a 2004 petition
calling for an investigation into "evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur."

And it couldn't possibly be Jones confession that he labels himself a communist.

And it couldn't possibly be Jones' admitted membership in radical, anti-establishment groups like Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, which based itself on the teachings of Marx and Lenin.

Nor could it possibly be that he regards all Republicans (in his own words) as "assholes." (I mean, do we really have a man who hates half of America whispering to our President?)

No, it must be talk radio's fault. What a joke. Being someone who really wants "green jobs" to become an important trend in America, I resent that President Obama has subjected it to the extreme views of this one political pervert. Like too many people today, Van Jones proves to be extremely ordinary: he just can't take responsibility for his own behavior.

Good riddance. Let's hope he's replaced by someone with a realistic, honest, positive view of America's potential.


Orestis said...

I find very funny the fact that you call "political pervert" someone, simply because he has deferent politic views and ideas from you.
by the way, what do you mean by "establishment" and "anti-establishment group"?

Ron Franscell said...

Orestis (if that is indeed your real name) ... I don't call Jones a "political pervert" because our views differ, and only a twit would suggest that's the case. He's a "political pervert" because he is so far outside the wide range of the mainstream that he is a social freak. On my book, anyone who believes the US government was involved in any way with the 9/11 attacks is a nut ball, and Jones is a nut ball.

And I'd go into some further detail about "anti-establishment," but you don't really want to know. You just want to believe that anyone who disagrees with any Obama pronouncement is a brainless Wal-mart devotee. You are wrong and time is too short to piddle with twits.

Orestis said...

You don't have to get so upset. Insulting me will not add any more credits to your arguments.
I'm not from the USA and I'm not an Obama fun, although he seems more promising that some recent presidents of yours. And I haven't and don't plan to read any of your books, so you don't have to add "on my book" in your answers cause that will not add any credit either.
I'm here just because i liked your blog... well up until know.
I believe your answer was even worst than your article arguments...
You seriously believe that he is a political pervert just because he is far outside the mainstream?
Haven't you ever heard of political pluralism and it's positive effect on democracy?
You claim he is a political pervert because he is far from the mainstream, but you are still referring to his political ideas, being far from the mainstream, with which you disagree.
You think he is wrong claiming that all republicans as assholes (and I agree with you) but then you do the same thing when calling anyone who believes the US government was involved in any way with the 9/11 attacks is a nut ball.
Personally I don't believe that the american government ordered the attacks, but I believe that the attacks happend either because of the americans government incompetence to prevent or stop them or from individuals (from inside the government) that could stop the attacks but did nothing to prevent them for their own personal reasons (or both).
It's very funny and disturbing at the same time how you americans have so much fear and hate for communism. And believe me I'm not a communist. I just happen to believe that there is no absolute solution for all our problems and that you can learn useful and interesting things from all the deferent political and social theories.
And no Orestis is not my real name...

Ron Franscell said...

You mustn't confuse American objections to our elected and appointed officials with a distaste for pluralism. I'd put American tolerance for differing views up against any other nation's. In fact, you'd be very hard-pressed to argue that our public sector is homogenous, and we like it that way.

But occasionally somebody slips under the radar with ideas that go so far beyond the mainstream that they attract attention. And when the general public sees those ideas as to far beyond the pale, people speak without fear of being imprisoned or executed (as they would in about 30% of the world's nations.)

Van Jones was beyond the pale. A man who embraced philosophies that are in direct opposition to the American democratic system and who sits in a position to enact or affect policy is simply going to have some explaining to do. Hating half of America is not emblematic of someone who'll have ALL Americans' interests at heart. And that he believes the US government allowed or conspired in the 9/11 attacks suggests he's not entirely sane.

I wasn't promoting my books, which likely wouldn't interest a foreigner anyway. I meant to say "IN my book," which is an American phrase meaning "in my view." It was just a typo, which is an English term meaning typographical mistake.

I'm not surprised that foreigners don't understand why Americans embrace freedoms and values that communists generally quash. In my travels around the world, I have heard many people say Americans don't understand the world very well. I actually agree with that sentiment, but it suggests that foreigners somehow know more about America than they do. Usually, they don't know any more about American values than Americans know about Venezuelan values.

So there you go. You may be disturbed by the USA all you wish. You won't be the first, not even the best!

Jill said...

If only there were such a person.

Orestis said...

I don't think that USA lucks freedom of speech, specially compared to most other countries. I just believe that, as long someone you disagree with does not resolve or does not call others to resolve to violence, you cannot treat them they way you do, even if they oppose an established system, by calling them political perverts.
I don't know well his ideas or actions and the articles in your links showed clear empathy, so I cannot be so sure, but I trust that you have your reasons to believe that he went far from acting in the curent democratic systems boundaries.
I knew you weren't promoting your books, I was just replying to your ironies :-)
Of course we cannot fully understand you as you cannot fully understand us, but I certainly don't understand why many americans strongly believe that communists reject freedom. Things are not not black and white, and even with communism the problem was not with the theories them selves, but how things turned out in several (if not all of them) countries that established communism and turned them selves into some kind of fascist states.
And last but not least I'm not disturbed from your country cause my country has suffered a lot from that same communist fear in the past years, so maybe I do understand you a bit after all.
It's just that in my opinion you have to have stronger arguments next time to call someone a political pervert, that's all.