Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One crime wasn't enough ... O.J. takes the cake

Right at this moment, some pretty smart people are saying a depression is likely, and I am having weird dreams about loading the whole family on a rusty 1974 Pinto for a long trip to California. I still don't understand exactly how giving $800 billion to unethical bankers is going to make my life better. We still haven't gotten to the bottom of this global warming thing. The Dow fell below 10,000 today and a quick calculation of my 401(k) suggests I will be able to retire 42.4 years after my 100th birthday. I think it's possible we don't have the right presidential candidates again. Gas prices are like the weather ... they change every 10 minutes. And Osama bin Laden is still out there someplace.

But I'm not worried about any of that.

Why? Because I'm still obsessed with how O.J. Simpson could be so stupid as to dodge a murder conviction in the "trial of the century" only to go out -- again -- and commit another big-time crime.

Felony stupid.


THJ said...

Why? You ask why? Because he is a negro.

Love, Rita said...

And sadly, OJ has a good chance of dodging this conviction as well...simply because there were no blacks on his jury, regardless of whether his attorney agreed to the jurors that were seated during the jury selection process!

Just more evidence that our judicial system (and perhaps every system in our government) is broken and in need of repair.

Unrelated, perhaps: Let's make this the year we abolish the Electoral College! This body is no longer needed, we have near-instantaneous worldwide information exchange. The President of the United States should be selected purely on the basis of the popular vote. The EC served a purpose when our popular vote had to be hand-carried across the country for inclusion in a national consensus. We should not continue to bind ourselves to this antiquated method of selecting our national leaders!

Jill said...

OJ ran out of Juice. As for money, who is it those in debt to the entire world have the money to bail out these jokers? Oh yeah, they are politicians.

Anonymous said...

If I'd seen this post earlier I would have made the same statement. "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas", is far more literal than most think. OJ belongs to Nevada now, goodby and good riddens. We were just surprised he didn't get the 25 to life. What riled most was his audacity in our state, "how dare he". We have to much at stake to allow disrepect for our laws, especially from outsiders. Some states can only catch glimpes of justice while Nevada carries it's own.:):)