Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember Me: A child reminds us what's important

This poignant YouTube video was made by 15-year-old Lizzie Palmer of Columbus, Ohio, and has been viewed more than 25 million times. Known as FlutieCutie at the video site, Lizzie says: "I'm a senior in high school, and I play the flute/piccolo. I plan on joining the U.S. Army after I graduate. I only hope I can make America as proud as our troops today have, and I hope I can honor them in the way they deserve with my videos."

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cris said...

when the idiot in chief made the decision to go ahead with this action, it felt like Vietnam all over again. All I could say was, didn't we learn our lessons in Nam?
No...we didn' least the "we" that has the power to make those decisions did not.

It breaks my heart that our children, friends, parents, neighbors, family members, are once again at war on foreign soil. And as much as i abhor war, it is not the young ones losing their lives and fighting for what someone else has decided is important, that i am angry with. Of them I am proud, and worried.

The saddest thing is now we have another generation that will grow up with the "didn't we learn from" mentality. Seems the names are interchangable....Vietnam, Iraq, different but ever the same.