Sunday, July 27, 2008

Living Stupid: Backward caps are a sign of the apocalypse

If you're older than 10 and not a baseball catcher, wearing your ballcap backward just makes you look stupid. Not cool, not fly, not hot, not sexy, not dope. Just stupid.

Let's think this through: one wears a baseball cap to shield his eyes and face from the sun. To buy a fitted ballcap for $15 just to nullify its sole purpose by wearing backward suggests you aren't real good with money -- which is a major attraction to women who A) want you to spend money mindlessly on them, and B) don't care if they're seen with idiots who wear their caps backward.

Why not just wear a brimless beanie? You know, one of those with the little propeller on top? Maybe a raspberry beret? Too gay?

Bloggers Will Layman and Chris Osmond lamented the "disquieting modern trend" by saying:
"Dudes, here’s the thing: the backwards baseball cap makes you look like Charlie Brown’s hapless catcher, Schroeder. If you must wear the cap, then please wear it facing forward as God and Joltin’ Joe intended that it be worn. ... You’ll be less likely mistaken for a prematurely bald guy in the wrong light, and you’ll help to rid the land of the beastly musical backcap phenomenon that calls himself 'Gavin DeGraw.'"
This is a fashion trend that should die a hasty death ... but won't.

NEXT WEEK'S FASHION COMMENTARY: Guys who wear their ball caps sideways ... you know, like retarded children in the 1920s.


Fashionista said...

Seriously, I can live with the backward caps -- that's just stupid -- what I don't get is the guys who walk around with their boxer shorts showing. I drove by a guy yesterday in baggy pants that were below his butt cheeks (not sure what was keeping them up). Fortunately his butt was covered by his boxers. I just want to know -- why? Why wear something like that?

Trimm said...

I bet that the man was one of those "wiggers".

Jill said...

I agree with you. I just don't get those people. Of course some use the way they wear their caps as a fashion statement I guess. Kind of like the verse of that old song, "the way you wear your hat..."

Ivy said...

its a constant battle with my 7 year old to turn his hat around.. I think it looks STUPID! he says ,"its cool" So yeah when grown men wear something a 7 year old thinks is cool you have to question it..

Ace said...

See I have to argue that it can look good in fact my hat is "Fitted" to be worn backwards the beak rides at a low angle so as to cover the neck (or your face if you wore it forwards, it would look like a freaking welders mask.) anyway it also is the only way my mom will let me leave the house with a hat, because hats look good on me that way, but forwards I just look like a twit.