Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Why the UN doesn't work

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The U.N. Security Council on Monday failed to agree on a formal condemnation of a surprise attack that killed 10 peacekeepers in Darfur with an envoy saying members disagree on whether to call it a terrorist act by rebels.

"The reason we couldn't come to an agreement,'' said South Africa's U.N. Ambassador Dumisani Kumalo, "was because most of us feel that this was a terrorist act'' and every report says it was done by rebels, but some council members argued that they wanted to wait for the results of an investigation to find out what happened.

Let me get this straight: A bunch of bloodthirsty killers bushwhack some lightly armed soldiers who are under orders never to shoot first, and who are trying to protect innocent civilians from further atrocities ... but the UN is uncomfortable calling it an act of terrorism? Who are they afraid of offending? Terrorists?

And we wonder why nobody listens to these wussies.

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Balancing Act said...

I thought that (especially after 9/11) terrorist acts were pretty easy to identify. What is wrong with these people. Unbelievable! It appears the wrong people are making these decisions.