Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Video Conversation With ...
The director of upcoming Bopper biopic

Sorhab Mirmontazeri
Director of
'The Day The Music Died'



Love, Rita said...

I am not a child of the '50's, but I would like to see this film for it's local interest (and because I am a die-hard rock fan, from it's roots to its future incarnations). People like "The Big Bopper" made it safe for the music to which I listen to exist!

My generation lost the lead singer, a guitarist, and backup vocalists from the band "Lynyrd Skynyrd"...also in a plane crash (into the Louisiana Swamp). Films have already been made immortalizing their unique contribution to southern rock music. This film will be important for fans of the music from THIS generation, to preserve the memory of what this person contributed.

Robert F. said...

A search on IMDB shows Sorhab Mirmontazeri has directed and written a 13 minute movie with a crew of three. Unfortunately, that means the result will not be important to anyone other than the jilted investors. A cryptic synopsis seems to indicate it will mainly be about the Big Bopper's son obsessing over his dad to the point of having him dug up and finally coming face to face with his corpse. "Even in death, Dad continues to surprise me." The quote in the Enterprise went something like that.:) Let's hope the story will evolve somewhat before this disaster in the making is locked and loaded. Although, nothing, nothing can save this thing on its present course.