Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Toddler Rape Tape: One mom hoped Chester's life would end in a hail of bullets

The mother of one of Chester Arthur Stiles' alleged molestation/rape victims was disappointed that the accused pedophile was arrested peacefully Monday night, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports this morning. Instead, ex-girlfriend Tina Allen was hoping for a much more painful police shootout.

Allen also told the R-J that police should get a restraining order against her because she desperately wants to hurt Stiles. Asked what she might say to Stiles if she had a chance, she simply said, "I'd scratch his eyes out."

Police also report that shortly after the alleged survivalist Stiles -- whom they feared would never be taken alive -- surrendered during a routine traffic stop, he barfed in the parking lot where he was stopped.

Stiles was jailed and the car he was driving was left overnight in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant. Looky-loos peeked into the vehicle and wondered aloud about the cardboard box in the front seat and trash strewn on the floor. The word "sorry" was smeared on the dusty driver-side window.

They figure Stiles wrote it.


Ivy said...

I can't tell you what i'd do if that were my child.

Do I believe this guy is sorry? Hell no. I believe he is sorry he got caught and is sorry to think about what will happen to him in prison. But sorry for the crime he committed? No.. He has probably hurt that child for a long time. And she probably was not the first. Maybe now she'll be the last.

MommyMine said...

The USA needs a death penalty for child-rapists.

Ron Franscell said...

Mommy: I suspect that if you put it to a vote, Americans would strongly favor executing child-rapists and serial molesters. Their recidivism is wretchedly high and, politically speaking, they haven't got much of a lobby.

This year, Texas flirted with a three-strikes molestation law that would have executed repeat molester/rapists. I believe it failed, but I'll check.

SingingSkies said...

My internet wasn't cooperating yesterday, or I would have commented on a couple of your other posts about this.

I'm not a violent person, but those who commit child-rape and are serial molesters fall into a category where all bets are off.

As you noted, the recidivism rate is quite high. So far, science and psychology haven't found the right combination to permanently eliminate the desire to gain power through violent sex acts (especially when it comes to those truly super-sick people who've convinced themselves that what they are doing is a loving act).

Until that time, either the death penalty or lock 'em up and throw away the keys seem to have the best chance of protecting society from such brutality. It totally infuriates me that some of these predators get sentences that require they be set free, only to turn around and ruin the life of another child or adult, before a more long-term incarceration is imposed.

Sofia said...

It makes me so sick to see this. Women must be so careful as to whom they expose their children to. I would almost say that now-a-days one should get a background check on pretty much anyone you associate with particularly if you have children. I am sure the person that is really sorry is the mother for ever getting involved with such scum of the earth. As for the child, let's hope she blocks it all out and never remembers and mom gets some help. As for the scum bucket, our system will baby him with TV and laundry duty and he will repeat this again when he gets out. Oh darn, he won't be able to participate in Halloween trick or treating with kids and will need to register himself as a sex offender. What a sick world we live in! Perhaps we should go back to the days of Hammurabi's law! Can you tell- I have been watching too many episodes of "Dexter".