Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Toddler Rape Tape: Chester's depressed

Chester Arthur Stiles' court-appointed lawyer told reporters a couple days ago that Chet is "a little down in the mouth." Luckily, he's also a little down in solitary confinement for his own safety.

You might recall that Chester the Accused Molester was the prey in a nationwide manhunt after Nevada deputies showed images from a videotape allegedly showing a man -- identified as Stiles -- raping a 2-year-old girl named Madison. (Early on, Madison was believed to be 3 years old in the tape, but it's since been determined she was even younger.)

"He's caught a lot of heat in the media, and guys in the jail watch television just like a lot of folks," public defender Jeff Banks said. "It's a very prejudicial charge, so of course I'm concerned about his safety."

Duh. Maybe our hope that convicts take perverse liberties with baby-rapers is a little overblown, but it's a comforting thought, isn't it?


Love, Rita said...

Great news, Ron, your "hope that convicts take perverse liberties with baby-rapers" is NOT overblown!

My husband, an ex-bail agent in West Central LA, said that a client of his who spent a couple of days in jail for a sexual offense with a child (incest), before he could raise his bail money left the jail with almost NONE of his teeth....

Chester better enjoy his solitude!
(Yeah, it's a comforting thought.)

Ivy said...

i agree.. he better enjoy his solitude.. i can think of not one thing nice to say.

Erik said...

Is depressed the new term for scared shitless? Because there's no way this guy isn't aware of what awaits him once he's allowed into the general population after he's tried and convicted. He knows there's a meter on his life and its ticking faster and faster.

And I will waste not a single thought on him after what he's done.

avondale,arizona said...

I hope this sorry excuse of a man gets what he deserves in prison....to be some big guys ****H! However, I would like to share some thoughts about the mother of the child. Madisons mother says it would have been better had she never found out about what happened to her daughter. She said..."theres some things maybe you dont want to know". Maybe she suspected something was happening to her daughter but just "brushed" it off. Although we will never know how a mother could not know terrible things were happening to her daughter...which I find hard to believe given the extreme abuse that happened...her private parts would have given it away.....an oblivious mother who chose to turn her cheek the other way.......I guess we will never really know if Madisons mother knew. Look on the internet for comments she has made when asked if she is thankful her daughters picture was shown or if she was thankful the abuse surfaced. I hope Chester gets what he deserves BUT I also hope the mother takes her head out of the sand when it concerns her children.

Anonymous said...

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