Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spot the Molester: A Halloween Game

Can you spot the child molester among these four people?

Admit it, no matter which one you choose, you'll be guessing. You can't tell a pedophile just by looking. We all carry certain wayward beliefs about what a molester should look like. And wouldn't it be comforting to be able to spot a molester ... or rapist, murderer, con-man, burglar or armed robber ... at a glance? We can't. The next person to walk past you might be a molester.

And here comes Halloween, when children knock on strangers' doors and accept candy, or maybe some playful conversation. Luckily, we can prepare children to be safer as they trick-or-treat, but we can never be sure that we aren't sending them onto the radar of people who would sexually exploit them on any other day of the year.

On top of all the personal safety measures you can teach your kids this Halloween, check to see where registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood. One good site is Family Watchdog's National Sex Offender Registry, where you can enter your address and get an updated map of offenders in your neighborhood. Many of them will be under orders to keep their porchlights off on Halloween; some must put out signs declaring a sex offender lives there. And gently guide your children away from those homes. Better safe than sorry?

So did you figure out who was the sex offender among the four folks pictures above? Click on "Read More" to get the answer....

All of them


Ivy said...

We dont do halloween because of the safety issues. Our only neighbors are family who do not buy cnady. we have in the past dressed the kids up and taken them to my mothers but that was it.. not much fun in that..

Ron Franscell said...

This was reposted from FraudArena and it's a remarkably clear and helpful summary of pedophile behavior. And if you are especially interested in this topic, link to FraudArena!


Pedophiles are often difficult to detect and can be found in the most unlikely places. Knowing this, we must provide our children with the tools to recognize and avoid potentially abusive individuals and situations.

Pedophiles or serial child sex abusers come in every age, size, race and social class. They may be the hard-working father and husband next door. They may be the Professor at the local University or the pastor of a youth group.

You cannot tell a child molester by his looks at all. Some characteristics of the typical pedophile or serial child sex abuser:

--Usually an adult male.
--Often appear to be hard-working, family men.
--Tend to be better educated and more religious than the average person
--Find ways to be alone with children; for instance, teachers or coaches or church leaders who are in a position to give individual attention to students
--Tends to be well liked by parents and children; often one of the most popular teachers in school
--Actively seeks children who are quiet, needy, or have problems at home
--Often photographs the victim
--Often collects child pornography
--Usually accomplishes molestation by gradual seduction, not coercion
--Lavishes attention on children they don’t abuse to build a sense of trust by parents and other students

MadMax said...

Maybe you should write a thriller about a gang of trick-or-treaters who go out and wreak havoc on the sex-offenders in their neighborhood! Turn the tables!

Ivy said...

I have first hand knowledge of what kind of people are pedophiles. I know it all too well.. Which is why my husbands family tells me often i'm way too over protective of my kids

Balancing Act said...

I agree with Madmax. I will anxiously await the new book. As for Ivy... unfortunely society has dictatd why we have to be protective of our children. There is a definite difference between being protective and sheltering your children. We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with 24 houses on it. We have a small pizza party for us and a few neighbors with kids and head out to go door to door. We go with the children so we know who they are greeting.