Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sex in Science Class: Middle-schoolers hook up ... in class

Two eighth graders in Houston's Crockett Middle School were caught in a sex act ... in the classroom ... during class!

Several students witnessed the undescribed sex act, which reportedly happened when the teacher stepped out of the classroom. If you close your eyes and visualize every 13-year-old boy's fantasy, you can probably imagine what happened. Vividly. What hath Bill Clinton wrought?

Remember the good ol' days, when high schoolers talked more about sex than actually doing it? When you made out in the back seat on Lover's Lane? When you were embarrassed to take off your clothes in a junior-high locker room?

Well, forget them. Those days are apparently long gone.


Love, Rita said...

I read the article, and ought to be shocked and outraged.

I am not even very surprised.

Perhaps working for a public school system, as I do, I have become jaded and bitter about what goes on in our schools. Which, by the way, was certainly exacerbated by the teacher stepping out of the classroom momentarily, but was almost entirely the fault of the parents of the children in question.

Had these parents taught their children modesty, self-discipline, restraint, respect for self/others, and about the consequences of early, unprotected sexual activity, this might not have happened.

(Or it might not have happened until the children were a bit older, approaching rebel-hood, anyway. Which wouldn't make it right, but maybe not AS wrong?)

Schools can provide a safe environment for learning academic material, but are not a good place for children to learn the socially acceptable standards of behavior. Parents need to make certain this is done AT HOME.

For the clueless: Parents, teach your daughters that they should keep their pants and panties pulled UP, and their skirts DOWN! Teach your sons not to try to tease and humiliate the little girls into doing naughty things or playing touchy-feely.

(And just for the record: I want to know WHY the teacher stepped out and how long she was away!)

Jill said...

I wonder where we are going with our kids. The parents seem to feel that their kid would do nothing wrong. The kids think they have the right to do what they want...
I'm afraid we have brought this upon our selves.We don't punish our kids, we want to be friends. They see what other parents let their kids do and how easy it is to fool others. In my day, if I got in trouble at school, my mother knew about it before I got home. She was a tough taskmaster.

Balancing Act said...

I remember the days of being afraid to passing notes in class. In reference to what Jill said I agree. I was just talking about this during lunch today with friends. We all have kids of varying ages. We decided that their definite parenting theories out there. I believe in teaching your children that there are consequences for their actions. My father taught us this and it has served me well. The friendship with my children will come later in life right now they needs parents who will guide them and teach them how to make smart decisions.

Ivy said...

This goes further than teaching your daughters to keep their pants up and skirts down and your sons to not tease and humiliate. Its more about what is acceptable behavior in society, having self respect, taking responsibility and learning responsibility for ones actions and so much more.

Parents stopped teaching their children long ago. Well I say parents. What I mean is most parents. Most parents leave the parenting up to the schools now days.

Its the schools job to TEACH the children math, reading, english. Its our jobs as parents to teach everything else. Its our jobs as parents to PARENT our children and not be their friend. And our jobs as parents to realize that while times our changing and have changed we don't have to let our children run around like idiots.

Everything our children do at young ages reflects back on us as parents. But so many people live with the "wont happen to me" mentality. People simply believe it wont happen to them and fail to educate their children. With stds and pregnancy being on the rise parents need to educate their children more. WAY MORE!

When I was pregnant with my oldest (she is 8) a girl I had once babysat got pregnant as well. She was 13!!! She now has 5 kids. she is now 21/22 years old.. She is married now of course but the whole thing blows my mind.