Friday, October 05, 2007

Rat-head Stew: Don't worry, it's sterilized

A Utah mom was startled to find a rodent's head in a can of green beans she bought at a Wal-mart store. But she was even more startled when the canning company offered her $100 if she promised not to sue them.

Yesterday, a company spokesman casually dismissed the woman's disgust over the extra bit of protein they included, free of charge, in her green beans.

"There's no way that [rodent's head] could have hurt her," Allen Canning spokesman James Phillips said. "This rodent was rendered commercially sterile. We cook each can individually at a temperature up to 265 degrees."

Oh, phew. Thank goodness! I thought eating a rat's head would be icky.


SingingSkies said...

Blech and EEK!

What about reasonable compensation for mental distress, disgust and the sheer terror of finding a rat's head in the can?

I'm hoping that's one spokesperson who's shortly finding employment in another field; although, the person was probably doing their best to institute damage control. Empathy certainly wasn't their strong suit.

Granny J said...

Hey, how about some reason in this world! Yeah, there's always the eek! and the yuk! factor. Nonetheless, what the guy said was quite true. Better a rat's head than a bulging can any day ... playing to people's emotions is all too often a cheap shot.

Ron Franscell said...

Yeah, but what if cannery worker pooped in every can bevfore it was "cooked"? It'd certainly be sterilized, but would we casually dismiss consumer concerns that SOMEBODY POOPED IN THE CAN?

I agree with SingingSkies: The guy didn't do his company any favors by being candid. A little more empathy might have gone a long way. Did the lady deserve $1 million for her suffering? Of course not. Maybe $1,000 would be my upper limit to sign a no-liability contract, but she didn't lose $1 million worth of sleep.

Sterilized or not, I don't want mouse/rat/chinchilla heads in my green beans.

Love, Rita said...

EEEWWWWWW! How completely disgusting! (The "added protein" AND the company response!)

Balancing Act said...

I am just grateful that I alread ate dinner before I read this one. In case you are wondering there were no green beans on the menu.

I work for a large company that handles some liability type claims and I am horrified on how this was handled.

Robin said...

Only YOU could discover this interesting piece of information. I am impressed. (and smiling)