Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet the Press ... Not: FEMA plants fake reporters

On Tuesday, FEMA gave an impromptu press conference in Washington D.C. about the California wildfires. Reporters were given only 15 minutes notice and an 800-number where they could listen in. Fox and MSNBC aired parts of the briefing.

Vice Adm. Harvey E. Johnson, FEMA's deputy administrator, appeared on-camera with opening remarks, then took questions from reporters, who lobbed softball questions that elicited lengthy, smooth responses -- without all the yammering follow-ups. When's the last time you saw a high-level press briefing like that?

Well, it turns out that the "reporters" weren't reporters at all, but FEMA employees playing reporters.

Of all the sneaky, scheming, dishonest ... and FEMA-like ... tomfoolery! It seems like all they learned in Hurricane Katrina was to keep the media from reporting the facts! They've avoided the stumbles of Katrina and Rita, but they've also had two quiet hurricane seasons to prepare.

And one of FEMA's preparations was to form its own press corps. All the good things they've learned to do go out the window when they prove to be deceivers.


Jill said...

And some people actually think the administration does not control the news. Just wait till MSNBC and FOX News start slapping each other over this.

Ivy said...


Love, Rita said...

This was disgusting. It truly insults the intelligence of the populace for a governmental agency to pull a stunt like this.

SingingSkies said...

Sheesh! Actual good news, reported honestly, wasn't good enough for them? *sigh*