Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Geek Love: Computer or girlfriend?

Isn't it romantic? It’s the relationship to which you devote the most time every day ... and it has gotten deeper over the last few years. For many of us, it can end up in bed in the first night. When things go wrong, you get very upset but, face it, you're willing to spend hours patching it up. And no matter how carefully you have chosen this mate, you can still get a virus.

Wait. What? No, dummy, not your girlfriend. It's your computer!

64 percent of Americans say they spend more time with their computer than with their significant other, according to a new study. And 84 percent said they were more dependent on their computer than they were three years ago.

Take that, Match.com! EHarmony, my ass!

When confronted with a dead computer, the researchers found, 19 percent wanted to hurl it out the nearest window, 9 percent felt stranded and alone, 11 percent used language normally reserved for special occasions, 7 percent did so loudly, 3 percent did so tearfully and 3 percent "vented their wrath on inanimate objects." (Admit it, you've felt the same way when you fight with your significant other!)

On the other hand, like my ex-wife, a healthy 32 percent said that they basically shrugged.

The survey's respondents also said they spend an average 12 hours a month trying to fix those problems. If we spent that much time on our marital woes, the divorce rate would go waaaay down!

What's that? There some some intimate things computers can't do for a mate? Ha. Just Google "XXX" and see if your partner can do THAT!

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Ivy said...

sometimes i'd rather spend time with my pc than my hubby.. It doesnt argue with me.. Most of the time anyway.