Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Deadly Sherry Enema: Did she try the Heineken Maneuver?

This just in: Charges have been dropped against a Lake Jackson, Texas, wife who administered a fatal enema to her husband.

Fatal? Yep. The enema fluid contained so much sherry -- yes, the liquor -- that his blood alcohol level rose to .47 percent and he died of alcohol poisoning -- six times higher than the limit for drunk driving ... well, OK, he wasn't exactly driving, but you get my drift.

Tammy Warner's husband, Michael, died at their home in 2004. She was charged with negligent homicide for, um, getting him loaded, but a judge has now decided there's not enough evidence to warrant a trial.

Her defense: Her husband had been addicted to enemas since he was a kid and he often used booze in his colonics as a way to get drunk.

So next time your weirdest buddy asks you if you want a beer ... wait, with friends like that, who needs enemas?


Enema of the People said...

In his case, maybe "BAC" stands for "Butt Alcohol Content"

Balancing Act said...

Where do people even think of this stuff. I guess I am just the country bumpkin.

Janet from Laramie said...

Nice pun, Ron - :)

Love, Rita said...

Very creative commentary, there. Top-notch wordplay. (Kinda tragic story, though. People constantly amaze me with their stupidity.)