Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bomber's Paradise: LAX preferred by 3 of 4 terrorists

Screeners at Los Angeles International Airport (left) missed 75% of the fake bombs and bomb parts sent through security in a recent test by the Transportation Security Administration. In other words, if 10 terrorists showed up with 10 bombs, 7 planes are going down.

But, hey, Chicago's O'Hare International didn't do much better, missing 60%. Look on the bright side: Only 6 planes would be blown to smithereens.

San Francisco International was the champion of the three-airport study. Screeners there missed only 20% of the bombs. Only 2 planes would blow up! Happy day!

Gee, I feel real safe. We're spending a lot of money for this allegedly "increased" security. I can't imagine we can render our airport security failsafe, but I sure as hell would expect us to get better grades than F-minus.

A reader comment at AOL: "I think it's obvious that the security personnel at most airports are not qualified to pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were written on the bottom."

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Bad213Boy said...

There's a slimple solution, ban all liquid products. Its quite simple this administration has failed to secure our homeland.

After watching the Democratic debate last night, I tuned into C-Span. I never watch C-Span, but after watching such a great debate last night, I was now seeking more information and found our government hired a private company to smuggle liquid products onto an Airplane in 19 different airports. All of them failed the airport screeners, exactly the same results as what happened last year. They new there was an issue and they did nothing about it.

They claimed to have added more layers of security blah blah blah. They said they added 200+ more people to monitor someones behavior. Who the heck hasnt faked there way through something in life. Why are we waisting money to pay for extra people to "observe" someones behavior. Thats the craziest thing I've ever heard.

What they ought to do is simple. Each airline should provide some kind of free gift card to each passenger and allow them to purchase any liquids or other items they may need outside of the airport area. What liquids are absolutely needed for someone? Worse case scenerio is that someone absolutely needs medication. Why not allow this person to have their doctor call the airlines and give them clearance. Upon arriving to the airport, all liquids should be inspected by a doctor then.