Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UPDATE: Kevin Everett not paralyzed

The news from Buffalo is very good this morning: Kevin Everett voluntarily moved his arms and legs yesterday when being brought back from sedation.

"'Based on our experience, the fact that he's moving so well, so early after such a catastrophic injury means he will walk again,' said Dr. Barth Green, chairman of the department of neurological surgery at the University of Miami school of medicine. 'It's totally spectacular, totally unexpected,' Green told The Associated Press."

Minor miracle? Evidence of what's medically possible? The power of prayer?

Who cares? The news is good and I can't help but think this development offers hope for a lot of people who never had hope before.


veronica said...

I'm soo happy to hear this awesome news.. though I'm not a football fan, this story has really touched me. I've been praying everyday for some kind of a miracle. I hope my prayers have come true. God Bless Kevin.

SingingSkies said...

Aaaaa-men. When I saw that report early this afternoon, I was ecstatic for him and his family.

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