Wednesday, September 19, 2007

See the SciGuy: You'll wish you were a geek

If you're a geek and especially if you're not, Eric Berger's SciGuy is one of the best blogs for your money. Based in Houston -- home of NASA -- Eric boils down difficult concepts into clear, easy-to-grasp postings that explain exactly what it means to you. If you have a question about space travel, meteorology, scientists' pay, or anything else, you'll likely find the most accessible information at SciGuy.

Eric Berger's 'possibilities' model at

When hurricanes loom at the edge of the Gulf, Eric is usually Johnny-on-the-Spot with his analysis of weather conditions, so he's become our go-to guy as we look out across the cyber-seas at potentially threatening storms.

So it is today. A disorganized low lurks off the eastern coast of Florida, with a good chance it will cross the peninsula and enter the Gulf of Mexico. There, it could gain power and size from the warm water and rake across the Gulf Coast as a tropical storm or hurricane. Where? Well, that's anyone's guess.

But Eric's guess is educated. His map of "possibilities" (appearing above) shows a direct hit on Southeast Texas -- specifically Sabine Pass, the landfall of 2005's Hurricane Rita. So we're among the potential landfalls if this sloppy storm develops into something to which we must give a name.

If it does, watch the SciGuy.


SingingSkies said...


Fingers are crossing and prayers arising! Personally, I'm in favor of the LBAR one. It gives some drought-stricken areas some much needed rain. Unfortunately, my influence with the one in charge is highly limited.

Tomorrow SETIO is having a meeting with a worship service celebrating the progress made in recovery and continued prayer for those whose lives are not back together yet, and I'm pretty sure Humberto will get mentioned as well. The potential for another nasty will definitely give our worship a bit of a different flavor just by lurking in the background of everyone's minds.

Ivy said...

I personally liked the one that was posted earlier this morning that showed zero direct hits for us.. Oye.. I'm not ready for another go around.. I'm sure thats what florida says htough too..

Love, Rita said...

Oh, ye soothsayers and purveyors of doom.

Did you not notice that of the five computer models SciGuy came up with only ONE shows us being slapped again, directly; and one shows us taking a glancing blow? The other three show the potential storm missing us completely!

Have some faith!

SingingSkies said...

*chuckle* Rita, I've found that if I say the worst out loud what actually happens tends to be less than the worst. Not always, but often enough to make that my first response.