Friday, September 21, 2007

Hit Me: 100K for your thoughts

A little later this afternoon, Under The News will achieve 100,000 hits -- a milestone that was rather inconceivable when I first posted here two years ago.

VISITOR NO. 100,000 IS:
(on a State of Florida server)
Who clicked onto Under The News at 12:33:29
after Googling "free true crime book reading on internet"

Since Sept. 6, 2005, I've blogged through two hurricanes, a couple great adventures, a few wars (from the safe distance of my newsroom), dozens of quirky headlines, and a couple hundred stupid-human tricks. On average, sombody has logged into Under The News every 10 minutes since the beginning, and they've come from all over the world (The other day, somebody in Tehran Googled "ron franscell" and found my blog!)

Best of all, I've gotten a chance to "meet" some very smart and articulate fellow bloggers whose screen-names I always love seeing -- and some who weren't so smart or articulate. (Chance, SingingSkies, CleaningLady, Ivy, Jill, Rita ... you're all among the former.)

Thanks for dropping by! Please do it often ... so we needn't wait for two years to get to 200,000!


Ivy said...

Congrats on 100,000!! I'll continue to come around!

SingingSkies said...

Wow!! 100,000 hits! That's quite an accomplishment, Ron, and your blog is truly worthy of it. I'm looking forward to helping contribute to the next 100,000. Congrats!

Mover Mike said...

Atta boy, Ron. I always enjoy stopping by.