Monday, September 24, 2007

Headlines You Missed ...

You might have overlooked these stories amid all that weekend piffle about Iraq, crime and racism in Louisiana:

{ ______________ } Uber-mime Marcel Marceau dies
Is Hannah Montana Pregnanna? Teen mag says it's so
Murder Most Fowl: Dumbass decapitates duck
There's No Good Way to Go, But ... : Worker falls into vat of sulfuric acid
Can You Hear Me Now? $30 million prize offered for first phone call from the Moon
Made in China? Cancer-awareness bracelets recalled for lead content
Right to Life ... Sorta: Was Pope John Paul II euthanized?
Y'all Must Be Fixin' To Secede: Southern drawl is spreading
Wrigley Fields is Born: These Cubs fans might be a little too fanatical

1 comment:

SingingSkies said...

The worker dying in sulphuric acid made me cringe. I absolutely hated working with sulphuric acid in chemistry. It's mighty dangerous stuff.

The story on the spread of Southern drawls was quite interesting. In internet usage, y'all seems to be growing, regardless of the part of the country/world the writer is from. I think some of that stems from the need for a particularly identifiable 2nd-person plural in English. Y'all is certainly a succinct word which fits the need.