Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Headline AND Graf of the Week

A two-fer! Cruising the newspapers of the world for you pays dividends! You wouldn't believe the stuff out there!

First, this headline from

"Man says wild sex caused SUV accident"

And then this amazingly tantalizing paragraph from the Tasmanian Mercury:

"Crown prosecutor Julie Aylward told the court pornographic magazines and clothes were strewn around the room, and that a makeshift sex aid constructed from a Toilet Duck bottle, a piece of wood and a latex glove had also been left behind. The woman's vacuum cleaner had also been left in the bathroom."

Disclaimer: We don't make this stuff up.

1 comment:

The Vacuum Sensei said...

As a vacuum repairman I've heard some crazy things you wouldn't expect to happen with a vacuum cleaner. But a sex toy? That's something that would only happen in in 2000 and beyond.