Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney's Belly: Is this really 'fat'?

A lot of oh-so-snippy (and perhaps anorexic) entertainment reporters and bloggers have "weighed in" on Britney Spears' out-of-lip-synced performance at MTV's Video Music Awards last night: They say she's fat (or "plump" or "tubby" or "out of shape" or "hauling some extra pounds.") Here's one review.

I watched Britney's performance on the Internet today and it was truly a bomb (not the good kind.) She couldn't match her lips to the words, danced like a wounded duck, and basically made a fool of herself ... but fat? Folks, take a look at the photo from her performance here ... maybe there's a little more of Britney than before she stopped wearing underwear, but fat?

OK, maybe her mother wears Army boots. Maybe she's a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. Maybe she's wearing a wig. But c'mon ... fat?

Maybe she's fat in Hollywood, the eating disorder capital of the world. But here in the middle of America, where there are plenty of Americans with middles, Britney wouldn't even qualify as "slightly pudgy."

For future reference, all you hyper-stylish adipose critics, THIS is fat. ===>


Anonymous said...

You ARE so right. And you WERE so right. And this comment has nothing to do with Britney.
I randomly found your blog Franscell, my Wyoming friend.
It makes me wonder why I thought I needed to take "something to read" on our first road trip and why I still have the picture of us on the Poudre River.
You were right, all those years ago and i wonder if you even remember?

Ron Franscell said...

Gosh, you're the first person this year -- actually this century -- to say I was right about anything! So thank you.

Um ... what exactly was I "right" about? I want to be sure this is recorded for posterity! There will be people who cannot believe that I could have been right about anything!

But I remember the road trip, indeed. And you did right to bring something to read. Something to do between counting buckets and back spasms.

Ivy said...

Britney is many many things.. But she is FAR from fat! She now has womanly curves. She had 2 kids very close together and looks like a normal woman (body wise not hair or anything else wise..) They could say her outfit was too small. Which you could tell it was. She was pouring out of it. She failed horribly in the entertainment department but she is far from fat. She didnt look "unfit" to me. She of course didnt have her pre pregnancy body but to me she looks more natural than most of hollywood (body not weave..LOL)

Anonymous said...

Buckets and trucker "presents"--You were right about many things but one thing in particular stands out in my mind...
But perhaps I should save that for another time. So you gonna have any downtime this weekend?

Jana said...

Brit's not fat, she's curvey from the kids and actually eating food rather than snorting and drinking it. Except for the rotton wig and the bad dancing I think she looks pretty darn good.

Bookworm said...

Britney looks thickened, which is what can happen to a lithe young body after a couple of children. There's absolutely nothing wrong with her body. There is a lot wrong, though, with her dressing up in barely anything and going around waggling herself about. If you're going to do that, you have to take the inevitable criticisms and comparisons to your past slenderness.