Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Words from the Wise:
First-graders offer survival tips to kindergartners

Youngsters often look to older, wiser people for advice ... except when they don't. Questions naturally arise when your life is about to change (and I'm not just talking about Moms.) The first day of school for a kindergartner is one of those life-changing experiences where a little advice can make the difference between a successful potty run and soggy SpongeBob underpants.
So first-graders at Douglas T. Orchard Elementary in Salt Lake City offered a little sage counsel to the new class of kindergartners this week. Among the guidance they offered:

g "Outline the picture first, then color it inside."

g "Put antibacterial on your hands so you don't get germs on your snack."

g "Here's how to make friends: Say, 'Do you want to be my friend?'"

g "Don't be afraid of your teacher. The teacher is always nice. If you don't know how to go to the bathroom, ask your teacher or kids. They can really teach you."

g "Work on getting friends on the first day of school. It doesn't matter how you dress."

g "Don't be nervous ... Your parents will come back and pick you up after school."

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Jana said...

What excellent advise, Ron, thanks for sharing! I think its always a smart idea to look to the wiser generation for advise, though I haven't always taken it - stupid kid that I have been.