Thursday, August 09, 2007

UPDATE: Texas Redneck Games rankled locals

Gittin' 'er done and gittin' down an' dirty at Texas Redneck Games
(Nicole Fruge / San Antonio Express-News)

The Texas Redneck Games seemed like a real hoot, but now local authorities are grumbling that the rowdy event was bigger and badder than they expected. as a result, the organizer might face some minor charges relating to crowd control.

Some of them thar muckety-mucks up yonder in Henderson County gots they panties in a bunch 'cuz some of them 8,000 rednecks was drinking beers and speeding around on they ATVs and showing they boobs and pickin' fights and such. Shoot, my Granny coulda told 'em that was gonna happen.

But all the disgruntlement is worth it, if only so we can hear a redneck sheriff's deputy say this:

"They called these people rednecks. I'm from East Texas and I know rednecks. Personally I'm having trouble distinguishing the rednecks from the white trash."

What's the dang difference?


Chancelucky said...

I think rednecks have to be from or at least identify with the south in some way. White Trash is more geographically inclusive, but I think rednecks can have much higher levels of income and education. I imagine some government publication details the differences...

It's whatever the difference is between Jeff Foxworty and Roseanne Barr

SingingSkies said...

Thanks, chance! I've never been completely sure what the difference was, and I've lived in the south all my life.

Ivy said...

I agree with chance.. I will admit I am married to what i consider a redneck.. However he is not white trash.. He is very smart and works his butt off every day. Cares about his appearance and his families appearance.. White trash is something you see on jerry springer. There is a such thing as rednech white trash.. But not all rednecks are jerry springer hopefulls.