Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Blog of Small Things
If you seek nothing, the Internet has it

Have you ever gone to a garage sale and found one tiny thing that you never knew existed ... and had to buy it?

To me, that's how it feels to surf around the blogosphere and stumble upon little blog-gems on topics that have turned life's smallest things into years-long conversations.

At The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, Bethany Keeley has been "making fun of bad punctuation since 2005." And as her title suggests, the blog is mostly a compendium of photos and "snarks" about signs she and her readers have found that overuse quotation marks.

At, you'll find a most awesome collection of emails, bathroom scrawls, Post-It notes, window signs and assorted notes left by co-workers, neighbors and friends. I like the one that says: "P.S. Text me at work if you want to talk."

At Literally, a Web Log, Patrick Fitzgerald and Amber Rhea literally track one of Earth's most threatening developments: Misuse of the word "literally." They explain: "Misuse of the word 'literally' gets my blood boiling (no, not literally). It started as a nit-picking distraction, grew to a frustrating obsession, and finally resulted in the creation of this blog."

At Lower Case L, you'll find sundry rants against the use of the lower-case L -- which confusingly looks like an upper-case I when handwritten.

The blogmeister at Why A Tittle? -- besides being a punster who likes old football players -- laments the use of the dot on the "i" in public signage (that dot is called a "tittle.") "For some years now I've had a mild obsession with bad lettering on signs," says the blogger who created it. "This blog is dedicated to documenting the common practice of dotting "i"s incorrectly on signs made up of mostly or all uppercase letters."

Help me collect some of these blogs at the tail-end of the Internet. If you find one of these "micro-topic" blogs, please share its link with us!


Granny J said...

Perhaps we think in somewhat the same way... check this post. As a newspaper editor, you should stand firmly behind the celebration of National Punctuation Day.

suesun said...

I found you via your burning man comment on Non-Prophet's blog, and was intrigued by the misuse of quotation marks blog. That then led me to wondering if there was one for the misuse of apostrophes, since I had just posted one on my blog here. I found one easily enough, sent in my photo, and they posted it too! Fantastical how web wandering works! Thanks for enabling me to make the connection. And now I'm sharing one more small things blog with you.