Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's your major? New Zealand ponders college degree in prostitution

As if college students weren't already getting enough sex, New Zealand is considering a college degree in prostitution.

This is good. We wouldn't want any untrained hookers out there.


Janet in Laramie said...

Hmm - makes one wonder about homework... ;0

Ron Franscell said...

Oh man, I never thought about that! I'm wondering if a prostituion major must "crack a book" or "book a ..." Nevermind.

Jspiker said...

Is this the picture on wall at the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway Alaska?

They could teach the course would be quite a classroom.

What's the world coming to?

Ron Franscell said...

No, this is one of the "soiled doves" in Hickok-era Deadwood, S.D. What a babe, eh?