Monday, July 02, 2007

Sourtoe Chronicle: Leftover digits

Gee, party-poopers

I returned to the newsroom this morning after three weeks in pursuit of the Sourtoe Cocktail, the midnight sun, and fatherly wisdom. Waiting for me were two bundles of mail, a foot-tall stack of newspapers, 632 unread emails, 17 voicemails and (I could swear) the same pot of coffee that was reheating when I left.

What better environment for considering the real numbers of this magical journey:

The number of stars we saw while camping in the Arctic

The number of times we did laundry

Flat tires on the Dempster Highway in the Arctic

$348.54 CA
To replace one those tires shredded by the Dempster Highway

The number of digital photos I took

Total miles driven from Beaumont to the Arctic

$2,746.39 US
For gasoline

How many crazy people had drunk the Sourtoe Cocktail since September 1973 just before I drank mine (#24,694) and my son Matt drank his (#24,695)

Oh, and one more number: 3

That's the number of credit-card companies who'll soon come looking for me.


Jill said...

I'd say your trip was priceless!

Jana said...

Dang that was an expensive tire!!! And Jill beat me to that line about priceless... wow, something you and Matt will never forget, and he'll tell his kids about too, start a tradition and maybe expand that little box on the hill under the strange white rock.
Welcome home men.