Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson has died

Lady Bird Johnson died today at age 94. Remember her the next time you drive past a field of roadside wildflowers. Not a bad legacy.


Chancelucky said...

The amazing thing to me is that she lived more than 30 years after Lyndon died. I think about all the shifts in LBJ's reputation including the revelation that he had a second family that came out between his death and Lady Bird's. Lyndon didn't, but the poor woman had to put up with all of it coming out.

In some ways, she was a bit ahead of her time with "Beautify America", today she'd be getting labelled an "environmentalist".

Jill said...

I met President and Mrs. Johnson and the family at the Cotton Bowl some years ago. My uncle was UT Chancellor then. He had invited my father and me to a function before the Bowl game. I was inpressed with how tall the Preident was and how nice Lady Bird was. I remember how some people snickered at her desire to beautify America. I also remember Fannie Flagg's comedy routine about Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was what is good about Texas.