Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have a cow, man!
Eating beef causes global warming?

A Japanese study has apparently discovered that eating a steak is far worse for global warming than driving your car non-stop for three hours.

That's right. When the scientists at the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science in Tsukuba added up all the factors, they decided that being a vegetarian is better for Earth than being a commuter.

One-third of what makes beef bad for the ozone layer is the methane in cow farts, but the bigger problem is the energy burned up by producing and hauling cattle feed.

Why didn't Al Gore tell us this? Is in an inconvenient truth that he loves his hamburgers? And what about pork or chicken? I bet this study was paid for by that insurgent cow who vandalizes Chick-Fil-A billboards.

I don't want the world to stew in its own juices, so I'll give up my car before I give up eating steak. (Hey, maybe we can find a way to harness the energy of cow farts and the world will be saved by a herd of heifers.)


Jana said...

Don't forget all the water these critters consume. Some 10 gallons of water goes toward the production of one gallon of milk!!
I don't eat beef or use dairy products, so you can have mine, unless the milk producers pour my share out into the ground with the other x-million gallons a year they don't sell. THERE's a waste!!! I'll take the methane over the waste, make a methane car and use it, don't just waste that wonderful smell on those that live downwind from the cattle farms!

Love, Rita said...

Um, that was a really cool picture you posted with you blog entry.

I love my beef / dairy products. RE: Production Costs? I doubt seriously that it costs less to produce (Oh, the water used!), harvest (think of the LABOR or petroleum used by the farm equipment!), and process the millions of tons of vegetable matter we all consume each year than it does to produce the steak, milk, and cheese I so enjoy.