Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ashes to ashes: How to get hung after you die

What if you died and came back as ... a pencil?

Well, you gotta admit it's more likely than coming back as a billionaire princess who will win the Nobel Prize for economics and star in your own reality TV show.

Using about a tablespoon of your cremated ashes, a Canadian artist will make a pencil that he'll use to draw a portrait of you. That way, Lucas Seaward of Honor Industries can literally put a little of you in every portrait he draws.

"My objective is to capture the essence of that individual," Seaward says. No duh.

It ain't cheap. Prices start at about $4,700. But you're dead so you don't really care. The kids will pay.

And because you're dead, you can't criticize Seaward's work either. But Seaward is a pretty good artist, as you can see from his "regular" graphite drawing of Albert Einstein.

Your cremated ashes -- your carbon -- can also be made into a diamond by at least one company, LifeGem. This is an Earth-friendly way to say "I've got Grandma wrapped around my little finger." For less than the cost of a headstone!

As for me, I plan to have some of my ashes sprinkled in the inkwell of a daily newspaper press so that every paper rolling off will have a little of me in it. Every puppy that gets paper-trained ... every birdcage that gets lined ... every fish that gets wrapped ... well, nobody said dying was gonna be hygienic.


Jana said...

This reminded me of a joke! A woman's husband had passed away, she was talking to the ash-urn. "Harry, I cashed out your life insurance policy..the Cadillac you always promised me...it's in the garage. That big diamond ring you always promised me...well, it's right here on my hand.
She pours out some ashes on the table. "You know that blow-job I always promised you?"

Anonymous said...

Glad we have mature people writing on these blogs today. Jana, obviously you have a few screws missing. Specially if that is the first thing that came to mind when you read the article....I wouldn't doubt that you live a lonely life.

This concept is amazing. I'm personally a huge fan or art, the craftsmanships and talent behind creating something like this shows the human evolution. A thousand years ago we were drawing stickman on walls, now we have 26 year old artists creating photo realistic family heirlooms.

Of course to the "average person" such a piece of art would be quite expensive and unjustified, but something like this is not for your "average" person. I came across Lucas Seawards website, he is a gifted child. I can appreciate his intention behind the art, lets not forget the people who create and inspired us.

I know at some point this alternative option will become very mainstream/familiar in the industry. So dont be so quick to judge, cause we will all have to make a decision as to what the do when that time comes. Honor Industries has my business.
Congrats to Lucas for his creative spirit, he will touch alot of people with his gift.
www.honorindustries.ca worth checking out.

The Undertaker said...

I think this concept is great! The price is a bit high but you never know the kind of things people want. I would actually prefer having the pencil with my loved ones ashes. LOL

The site is easy to navigate and very pretty.