Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sourtoe Chronicle: Ask the dust

A great adventure is like woodsmoke. It goes where it likes and a lot of it gets inside you. My journey with my son to the top of the world is all but finished ... I have 1,000 miles to go before I'm home again ... but in some ways it will never be finished.

Regularly scheduled programming at Under The News will resume as soon as I cover these last 1,000 miles. Which means I will be back to my usual impertinent, snide and slightly peevish self!


Jspiker said...

I've enjoyed reading all about the trip...sounds like you've had a great time with your son!

But about those toes....NO...not me. I prefer to see them still attached to the feet.

Just got back from Alaska myself and had a great time. Like you say, there's a LOT of daylight up there!

Happy Trails....

Jana said...

The Sourtoe Chronicle...titled and hopefully signed by the authors when it's delivered to my house!
You 'sound' different, do you feel it too? Time in a bottle...
Congratulations Dad and Son, and welcome home.