Thursday, June 07, 2007

Justice parlayed: Paris gets out of jail free

This just in ...

This morning, Paris Hilton was released from LA County jail after only four days in lockup on what was to be a 23-day drunk-driving probation violation beef. Why? She "wasn't eating much of the jail food" that was served, according to sources quoted by CNN.

Our poor little rich girl will wear an ankle bracelet at home for the next 40 days. Undoubtedly, it will be a very fashionable piece of jewelry.

Can you imagine a judge reducing the sentence of just any ol' drunk driver just because he didn't like the food? There might be more to this story -- one hopes there is -- but the appearance of special treatment for this celebrity Hilton heiress hangs heavy in the air at the moment.


Chancelucky said...

It's an odd story. supposedly it's a medical matter and those are confidential unless Paris herself chooses to reveal what the issue was.

I doubt that any judge would let someone go home simply for not liking the food. While it makes great talk show fodder, I'd have to know more about what the medical claim was.

Maybe they're just setting up a way to spring Lewis Libby should he ever have to serve his sentence.

Ron Franscell said...

Part of me agrees that there's a key bit of information missing. I'm sure more will be known soon.

But the other part of me screams "That's why they have prison hospitals!"

Is it possible that Paris has an affliction that no other inmate in the history of jail-dom had? What happens to other inmates who are afflicted with mental/medical problems ... are they routinely freed?

Frankly, it's not Paris' problems that rankle me on this one, but the appearance that her celebrity status played a role in her punishment.

Would I normally care if some nobody was re-sentenced to house arrest short of his jail sentence? Most of the time, nope.

But a pampered, spoiled celebrity with an outsized bank account and even larger sense of entitlement who has flouted the law? Somehow, I wanted Paris to suffer slightly more for her transgressions, just to bolster my flagging faith that justice was truly blind.

Well, it ain't.

SingingSkies said...

Ron, I truly agree with you, but I'm also guessing Paris never really expected to spend even one day in jail. I don't imagine the time she actually spent there led her to hit bottom, but it might have. *shrug* Only time will tell.

Chancelucky said...

I was on the plane from the East coast this weekend and they have satellite television on the plane. On the way out, the news channels were doing Paris Court tv 24-7, particuarly Fox.
On the way back, one of the channels kept re-running old episodes of the Simple Life, so I changed over to watch the history of the Mouseketeers and the last 15 minutes turned out to be about Britney Spears's meltdown.

I don't know how I missed the Lynday Lohan channel on those flights.

Jana said...

Of course the most important part of the Paris Get-outta-jail story is that WE THE PEOPLE aren't paying one damn bit of attention to Bush or the oil war in Iraq or the fact that the Iraqi president is IN the US of A for medical treatment, or the gas prices....Yay to CNN, thanks a bunch for the diversion, God knows we needed it.