Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Iran requires all TV dramas to feature prayers
(C'mon kids, let's chant 'Death to America' in the TV room!)

The thrilling climax to last night's Miss Muslim World pageant in beautiful downtown Tehran

Here in the USA, we toss around the word "censorship" casually, but it's wise to remember that in other parts of the world -- and even place that don't seem to be part of this world, like Iran -- censorship is prevalent and renders daily life far different than we Americans enjoy.

The head of Iran's state-run TV has declared that, henceforth, all TV dramas must contain prayers. (Just switch the channel, you say? Sorry. Satellite TV is banned in Iran, too.)

“In the current year, television productions that do not have prayer scenes will not be allowed to air,” said Ezatollah Zarghami.

Imagine your American living room and your flickering electronic hearth. The only programs you can see are programs that the government wants you to see. No criticism of the Administration. No messages counter to the government's official policies. No exposure of corruption or avarice among your leaders. It sounds like the premise for a sci-fi fantasy, but it's real in places like Iran. (Iran isn't alone in such radical despotism.)

What Iran needs is Sesame Street ... but then again, Miss Piggy probably wouldn't be very popular with Muslims.

(On the other hand, in Iran they don't have "Flavor of Love," so that's a plus.)


Jill said...

vjgauWe Americans should be glad that we have the ability to say what we feel and make our own choices. We can always change the channel if we dont like a show. Then again the advertizers may make the change anyway. We can even have episodes of programs which are slanted against our President or feature controversial stories "ripped from the headlines". We have a lot of faults and problems in this country but just think of the alternatives, or lack of, that others have.

Jana said...

I heard something about this the other day...next I heard about smoking on TV and how it's making it more acceptable to our kids to see celebrities smoking. Used to be a no-no, now everybody in movies is smoking again. I don't want my granddaughter thinking just because Ben Affleck or Tom Cruise smokes and shoots at everybody that it's ok.
Maybe Miss Piggy could do an Iranian commercial on the sins of smoking, and then pray.
I'm glad we can change the channel or turn off the TV, shudder the day we can no longer control what we watch or have the priviledge of shutting it off. (We have always been at war with Eurasia).