Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Cold Blog: To miss it would be a crime

Is your VCR set permanently to "The Forensic Files"? Is your dream date Dr. G? Have you bookmarked The Smoking Gun? Would you rather watch a cop's dashboard video than the next Lindsay Lohan film (which, come to think of it, might be the same thing)? Well, I've got a great new blog for you!

It's In Cold Blog. And you're gonna love the true-crime figures it puts at your fingertips every day. Maybe even Dr. G will drop in.

It's the brainchild of Los Angeles Times best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell of San Antonio, author of "Hollywood Death Scenes," "Dead and Buried," "Murdered Innocents," "Evil Eyes," and "Strangler." He's cajoled and corralled 30 of the most interesting names in the field of true crime ... and me ... to spill our guts every day about crime and punishment. The topics will range far and wide, I promise, and it's likely that more blood will be spilled than in an Ann Rule paperback.

Among the bloggers will be best-selling author and O'Reilly Factor correspondent Aphrodite Jones; true-crime media personality Dr. Katherine Ramsland; author Joyce King, who chronicled the James Byrd dragging murder in Jasper, Texas; Edgar-winning author Carlton Stowers; 48 Hours Mystery producer Paul LaRosa; crime victims' advocate Andy Kahan; and crime blogger/lawyer Laura James.

And while In Cold Blog will feature 22 true-crime writers, its featured writers also will include a sheriff, forensic artist, TV producer, book editor, TV personalities, a true-crime radio host, a historical-crime blogger, the mother and brother of a serial killer's victim, and even a rock 'n' roller whose art is inspired by crime stories. Plus, you can expect the unexpected high-profile guest to pop in every so often.

Each contributor will blog one day a month, but will drop in randomly, too. So if you have a favorite author, such as Gregg Olsen or Kathryn Casey, stop by just to chat.

And it ain't for the money, friends. In Cold Blog will donate all of its advertisement revenue each month to a charity devoted to victims' aid and law enforcement. In fact, all proceeds earned this month will go to Trooper Island in Albany, Ky., a program where needy kids who might benefit from a fresh environment are given the chance. So click on our advertisers freely! It's for a good cause.

Want the whole roster of In Cold Bloggers and a glimpse of their particulars? Click through to the blog.

Me? I'll be posting my thoughts at In Cold Blog on the 8th of every month, but I promise that every day you'll find a challenging perspective at what's already been called the "mother of all crime blogs." Spill a little cyber-blood of your own.


Jill said...

Cool! I'm goning to have to take a look at that!

Corey Mitchell said...

Ron, thanks for the mention of In Cold Blog. More importantly, thanks for being a part of this new venture. I hope everyone will come see Ron and several other top authors and other crime-related professionals posting at In Cold Blog.

Chancelucky said...

I'd go there just because Ron Franscell is also on that roster. :}

Ron Franscell said...

Aw, Chance, you're too nice to me. Nonetheless, I think In Cold Blog can't help but pique curiosities and raise hackles. The folks Corey Mitchell has assembled are top-notch and I look forward to learning a lot from them.

Drop in and add your two- (or three-) cents worth. You've been one of my best friends here at this blog and I know you'd add enormously to the conversation there, too.

shaz said...

think i may take a peep to