Monday, May 07, 2007

And your little dog, too: Tornado looters

Four soldiers, a reservist cop and two fake Red Cross workers were busted last weekend for looting in Greensburg, Kansas, the little tornado-ripped town where 10 people have already died.

Not foraging for supplies. Not feeding their families. Not gathering supplies to help others. They are accused of stealing cigarettes and liquor from a destroyed local supermarket. The reports don't say if they were white or black (or Latino, Asian or Serbo-Croatian) -- it doesn't really matter, does it? -- but for the post-Katrina conspiracy theorists who think The Media only accuses black folks of "looting" and white folks of "foraging," I'll assume they're likely white folks. I might be wrong, but the race really isn't important to my conclusion that, if convicted, these people are just slimy, opportunistic and common criminals who were enriching themselves on other people's tragedy. Their color really doesn't matter to me.

The cop and soldiers might have used their positions of respect and honor to break the law ... and the two Red Cross pretenders used the emblem of a compassionate organization to get closer to the loot.

Sometimes, it's hard to think of this nation as great when so many of its citizens are so terribly dishonest and heartless. As someone whose life's possessions were largely exposed to wuld-be thieves after Hurricane Rita scraped across my house in 2005, I have not even a tiny, warm, sympathetic place in my heart for anyone who'd steal from a ravaged family or business simply to take what they would not otherwise pay for. Need water or life-sustaining food? What's mine is yours, if I have it ... but you don't need my TV, my camera, my refrigerator. You sure don't need cigarettes and booze.

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SingingSkies said...

*sigh* What is it about some people that they use their identification with certain groups to take advantage of people when they're hurting the most? Vile, just plain vile, and totally lacking empathy and compassion.