Monday, April 16, 2007

Texas Tower and Columbine in one cataclysm

As I write this, the death toll at Virginia Tech is reported to be 31 ... higher than both the University of Texas tower shootings (16) and Columbine (15), and when the final grim toll of the dead is tallied it will be bigger than both combined.

To read an updated version of the VT story, please click here.

UPDATE: The toll today (4/17) stands at 33 dead, including the shooter. It is now, officially, the deadliest mass shooting in American history, more than doubling the morbid prior records.

What a waste.

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Chancelucky said...

Sad day. Some records just aren't made to be broken and I would have been happy to see the numbers at Columbine and UT Austin stand.

I'm assuming an automatic weapon was involved in this one given the number of casualties and the large number of shell casings mentioned in the original reports.