Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The coming storm for immigrants

Today, authorities have identified the Virginia Tech shooter as a South Korean immigrant named Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old English major. No motive has yet been offered for his likely slaughter of 32 people before killing himself.

Last February in Salt Lake City, a young Bosnian immigrant killed five mall shoppers before off-duty police killed him.

How long before the radical anti-immigration crowd begins to agitate for tighter borders? And can otherwise undecided Americans be swayed by the notion that these senseless bloodbaths might have been avoided by a more exclusive immigration policy?

It's unlikely the anti-immigration people will mention that just two weeks ago, a red-blooded, native-born American named Anthony LaCalamita allegedly burst into his former Detroit employer's office and shot three former co-workers, killing one. Most mass murderers in American history have been Americans born and bred -- Charles Whitman, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Charlie Starkweather, Tim McVeigh, Richard Speck and John Allen Muhammad, among several examples.

In fact, according to Mayhem.net, immigrants aren't more likely to become mass murderers than reasonably reared white folks ... even though the American mass-murder record-holder is now a South Korean kid:

"Most mass murderers are male, white, conservative and come from relatively stable, lower-middle-class backgrounds. They are not usually adopted, illegitimate or institutionalized as children. They are usually people who aspire to more than they can achieve. They see their ambitions thwarted, and blame other people for keeping them down. They feel excluded from the group that they wish to belong to, and develop an irrational, eventually homicidal, hatred of that group. Invariably, they choose to die in an explosion of violence directed at a group they feel oppresses, threatens, or excludes them."

Certainly, we can trace several criminal lines to immigrant communities. Italian and Irish organized crime, the Russian mob, and various imported gangs such as MS13, are easily identified as "foreign" elements that tap into rich American veins. But one might argue that these immigrant groups were doing exactly what the immigration fanatics want most: Assimilation. They were merely becoming "real" Americans and reaching for the brass ring by using every cheat in the book. After all, Enron's sleazy bosses might have done more damage than MS13 ever has.

Nonetheless, get ready for the coming anti-immigration storm. Is wiser immigration policy necessary? Yes. Should it be more than talk? Yes. Will it unfailingly reject mass-murderers, terrorists and other criminals? No.


Jill said...

So, at least this guy was here on a legal student visa. Murder is an equal opportunity employer. Then again, like you say someone will soon be on a soapbox.

Love, Rita said...

The fact is, the shooter was here legally--as a student. But, if the tragedy serves to open a more meaningful dialogue in the United States concerning our broken immigration policy, then it will have served a higher purpose.

We must address immigration, legal and illegal. I believe our population is careening toward a critical mass. We literlly cannot afford to support any additioal resident load (regardless of their legal status) with our current level of governmental involvement.

We don't need more governmental involvement, we need a controlled population level (again, regardless of whether they are legal residents or not!!)

Chancelucky said...

The shooter wasn't here legally as a student, he had a green card as a permanent resident.

He'd lived in the US for 15 years and if you read anything he wrote, he was extremely Americanized. Buying the glock may well have been part of his being "very" Americanized.