Wednesday, April 04, 2007

O.J. sues Fred Goldman
(This headline is correct)

O.J. Simpson has sued Fred Goldman to prevent Fred from auctioning off the rights to O.J.'s pseudo-tell-all, "If I Did It," for a future book or movie.

Hey, wait, is that backwards ... ? Nope, I guess not. Not so long ago, Fred Goldman -- father of murdered Ron Goldman -- was decrying "If I Did It" as the lowest form of media trash ... and I certainly agreed with him. But now Fred has switched his position ... and so has O.J. Fred now wants it published/produced and O.J. doesn't.

Such an odd world in which we live.

"Our first goal was to make sure the court took away [Simpson's] rights to the book," Fred Goldman told ABC News. "And we've accomplished that. We have stopped him from ever profiting from the book again. The bottom line is that we are taking things away from him, and if I could take every penny in the world from him and leave him homeless on the street, that's what I would do."

Denise Brown, Nicole Simpson's sister, also decried her former ally's plans: "The Goldmans' sudden reversal of positions to justify the auction of these rights … is transparent to their true motive, which is to collect money."

Does O.J. Simpson's book become any less immoral or trashy because Goldman sells it? I don't think so. It'd be marvelous if he'd lock it away and never allow it to see the light of day. But it sure looks like Fred Goldman has succumbed to greed, and that's certainly not an approrpiate epitaph for his son.

But then there's O.J. suing to prevent the auction. Where does he get the money for high-priced lawyers to pursue ridiculous lawsuits? He doesn't own the rights to the manuscript anymore and his say in what is done with it should be confined to letters-to-the-editor, interviews and blogs, not courtrooms. O.J. long ago wore out my tolerance for his behavior. Is it too much to wish he'd just disappear and never be heard from again?


Namma said...

I just read an interview where Denise Brown says they haven't spoken to the Goldmans since the Goldman's tried to sue the Browns for 2 million claiming the Browns were hiding OJs Heisman trophy!!!
Now what does that tell the world??
Fred has always been about the $ He does not care who or what he gets it from even a book about his dead child.
The book is only ok to sell if he is the one profiting from it
I am with OJ on this one and with Denise Brown
I think they have both been smart enough to expose Fred for what he really is

Freudian Slip said...

O.J. come on! How can he continue to get away with this bull?

Anonymous said...

Imagine this...our justice system failed yet another. OJ may or may not have committed the crime of murder, but he was found innocent. How was it possible for him to be guilty of wrongful death and in debt to this money and publicity hungry individual. I know a few good therapists and would be happy to send those to him if he would just stop chasing OJ for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Fred Goldman is a disgrace to the memory of his son. He is not seeking justice. He is seeking to satisfy his money hungry greed under the guise of "there is not a day that I think about my son..."

Anonymous said...

As a parent who has lost a child, I can ask this question of Fred Goldman--why would you want to profit from your son's horrific death? Don't you realize that you should remember him as the little boy you raised, as the child he was, and as the man he became? Every time you once again put his name in the same sentence as OJ Simpson you do him a big injustice--you remind everyone of the gruesome way he died--and not as the wonderful person he really was to you and your family. You seem to have become as obsessive with OJ as he was with Nicole--and look where that ended!! While I can understand the need to strike out at Simpson, I cannot understand how you,as a supposedly loving and caring father, can disrespect your son and his memory the way you do. This obsession you have with your son's killer takes up so much of your time and energy that you have no time to live your life enjoying the family you still have. Take it from someone who has been there--there comes a time when you need to walk away from the grief and go on living. You keep your son alive in your heart, your memories, and the rest of the family. Nothing else matters. In the end, vengeance is not yours to administer anyways--what goes around comes around--he will get his--but why should he get it at your expense?? And truthfully--is this the way your son would want to see you and your family spending the rest of your lives?? Only you can answer that.

CHRISTY said...

Answer the following quiz:
1. Fred works where?
2. Fred previously worked?
3. Ron's Mother is? Alive/dead (choose one)
4. Just who is the actual Goldman family?
5. Finally bonus points:
Fred was not close to Ron or his daughter BEFORE. WHY?

Anonymous said...

I belive Fred Goldman is making 17-cents on each copy of the book sold. Not much money and will not come close to touching the sum of money he was awarded in the civil case.