Sunday, April 22, 2007

In the company of writers

Edgar-winning mystery writer Rick Riordan (left), me and true-crime writer Corey Mitchell, at my San Antonio signing this weekend

A book-signing is almost always a good time. Authors love the direct contact with readers because, after all, they're why we write. But sometimes, even other authors show up, making the event even more delightful and interesting ... especially for passionate readers who might show up in the middle of shop talk!

In San Antonio this weekend, the first "reader" to visit me at Barnes & Noble was Corey Mitchell, a veteran true-crime author and founder of the upcoming In Cold Blog. Corey has pulled together a rather remarkable team of authors, criminalists, editors, anti-crime activists and even a death-metal rocker to blog on crime issues. After June 1, you'll be able to log into InColdBlogger and read the intimate and immediate thoughts of people like Aphrodite Jones, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Joyce King, Gregg Olsen and many others (me, too) on crime and crime stories. Watch this space for an announcement when it launches.

And right behind Corey was one of my favorite authors, Rick Riordan. I was drawn into the contiuing saga of San Antonio private eye Tres Navarre when I reviewed Riordan's "Last King of Texas." It was the beginning of a fascination with the series, and a friendship with Rick, who has recently launched a children's book series, too.

So what do three writers talk about then they get together? Well, the three of us talked about the joys and perils of book-publishing, about upcoming projects, about other writers from whom we are all seprated by less than six degrees. But we also chatted about our families, about the gray skies outside, about life outside our garretts.

Oh, readers came, too, and they bought books, which I signed. They wanted to talk a little about the story, and I was glad to do it. There's no feeling better than talking to readers, especially when they're occasionally writers, too.


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