Thursday, March 29, 2007

What's a party without a child molester?

Would you invite the man who molested your young daughter to a house party?

Gosh, seems like a no-brainer to me, but one advice-column letter-writer isn't quite sure about the etiquette. So she asked Slate's Dear Prudence for some advice.

The only thing dumber than the people who write to advice columnists are advice columnists. Let's skip the syndicated fooferaw and answer this question ourselves. Personally, I'd invite the fellow ... and serve him a BIG piece of chocolate cake made with dog poop, or -- oops! -- spill some pool acid in his lap.

What would you advise this rather confused mother to do?


Chancelucky said...

To be honest, we've had them in our house, but just didn't know it at the time.
The obvious answer is "no", but it can be more complicated than most people imagine.

Kari said...

Invitation to a lynching... theirs! would be the preferred answer I would think...

Love, Rita said...

Sounds to me like she knows the answer: She is in no way duty-bound to invite this perv to her party, and she needs to question why her husband
would ever want to maintain the friendship -- let alone have this guy back into their home!

Also at issue is the concept of "one-time indiscretion". It has been speculated that alcohol lowers one's inhibitions, making it easier to disregard societal norms and allowing one's "true self" to emerge. So, if this is indeed the case, she should "just say no" regarding whether she ought to feel duty-bound to allow her husband to invite him over.

This relationship has deeper problems than whether to allow a child molester back into their home, don't you think?

SingingSkies said...

Ron, I recognize that you're no fan of advice columnists; however, in this instance, having national notoriety and the sledgehammer said columnist wields may be the edge this poor woman needs to get her husband to realize that there's more here than he's willing to acknowledge. Such moral support can be a powerful tool.

Of course, someone who's so unaware of the actual damage caused by molestation may not be the least bit affected by such a tool. It's a complex situation indeed, much more than meets the eye.