Sunday, March 25, 2007

Road Sign Trivia Contest #3

Road sign near Lander, Wyo.

On my recent book tour through Wyoming, it occurred to me that some road signs just wouldn't be familiar to some folks in other places. For instance, you almost never see a "Snowmobile Crossing" sign here in Texas.

Well, here's another, robably not often seen in Kansas or Iowa. And it's the subject of today's Road Sign Trivia Contest #3. The first caller who can answer this question the most humorously will get a standing ovation for three.

Who is Fallen Rock ... and who keeps letting him out?

And the winner is ...?


Saskboy said...

Speaking of that other sign you mentioned...

Jana said...

Funny you should mention Fallen Rock..well, it was Falling Rock in Nevada when I was a kid. My brother told me the story one day when I was little and saw a sign like that and asked your question, Who is Falling Rock? Rick said that she was an Indian Princess that got mad at her father because he wouldn't let her marry the son of another chief of another tribe, they were enemy tribes, of course. So Falling Rock ran away to be with her lover, and in the process of getting to him crossed a river and was swept away. No one ever saw her again, and her father, distraught over the loss of his child searched the rest of his life for her, and always left signs saying Watch for Falling Rock wherever he'd been.