Thursday, March 15, 2007

Road Sign Trivia Contest #2

Somewhere between Rawlins and Rock Springs, Wyo.

When you see this sign, what should you do?

No cheating now. This question may be answered by anyone, not just Texans.
And the winner is ... ?


Jana said...

Too easy, we have these in Washington and Oregon too. You have a choice when you see this sign: You can either pee now, or wait 2 hours, depending on your bladder size. As for me, I'd pee now, and then in 2 hours.

Love, Rita said...

Is this a trick question? No doubt about it...I'd have to go now, AND I'd have to go again.

Janet in Laramie said...

Actually, a true Wyomingite would say "the next one is that close?" Traveling in Wyoming you learn to not drink any liquid at least 2-4 hours before travelling, and then munch heavily on sunflower seeds (salted in shell) to soak up any excess liquid. :)

aubrey said...

I'm thinking if you live in Wyoming it doesn't matter because you will be pulling over to hide behind your truck door and go in the sagebrush... Now if you are passing through- ya might wanna stop. :)

DTD said...

Aubrey's right, just stop when you need, tromp into the brush, and go. Rest areas are for bandits.