Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life Magazine is dead ... again

In less than a month, Life Magazine will die its third death. With ad revenue down, Time Inc. has decided to pull the plug on the venerated publication that was as much a part of American households in the middle of the last century as the Saturday Evening Post and TV.

After April 20, Life will only be available on the Web, Time said yesterday.

Hmmm, that line seems eerily prophetic for many media in this day and age: "Life will only be available on the Web."

Too bad.


Love, Rita said...

Hmmmm....and perhaps in finding that "LIFE will only be available on the web", LIFE has found true immortality instead of death. A lesson for all of us! What will happen to all our blogs, comments, and our electronic footprints after we die? Perhaps, for ALL of us, life will only be available on the web! It's not necessarily a bad thing, although I can see where a newspaperman might perceive it as such.

Cyber-archaeolgists may be analyzing our our digital detritus for decades. Makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

Chancelucky said...

I'm sort of amazed that Life kept coming back. The idea of big format News photo magazine had very little chance against television which was pretty much what did it in. Also, I think the notion of a "common" publication for all of America kind of petered out in the magazine business.

All that said, I still miss it. I even wrote a short story based on Life's Miscellany page once.