Friday, March 23, 2007

Houdini escapes the grave!

Kin of Harry Houdini, who died at age 52 on Halloween in 1926, will exhume his body to see if the late escape artist might have been murdered.

A great-nephew thinks Houdini might have been poisoned by members of a group of fortune-tellers whom Houdini regularly exposed as frauds. The prevailing theory has been that he died from a ruptured appendix after being slugged in the gut unexpectedly before a show.

No autopsy was ever performed on Houdini, so it isn't known if peritonitis killed him. But neither is there evidence that he was purposely killed. Ah, but in this Media Age -- which Houdini likely would have reveled in -- who cares if there's a little ghoulish speculation? And we all love a murder mystery, don't we?

After witnessing the exhumation and autopsy of the Big Bopper last week, and seeing the (briefly) renewed interest in his life and music, I must admit that I think digging up Houdini isn't the worst thing the great showman could endure. Being forgotten is.

And besides, Houdini can now claim he escaped the biggest trap of all: The grave.


SingingSkies said...

I have to admit that I just glanced at the blog title and immediately thought, "Oh, no! What happened to the newest member of Ron's family?" I figured he'd managed to dig his way out of the yard and barely escaped catastrophe. Glad that wasn't the situation.

Of course, my curiosity about Houdini has been piqued. Maybe the conspiracy theories about him can be put to rest, but I wouldn't expect it.

Armen said...

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Saskboy said...

Excellent title, and joke.