Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Liberals shop at Costco?

This was the headline in today's Los Angeles Times:

Costco halts liberal electronics return policy

Yeah, it's like that TV commercial with the young, hip, snarky and probably liberal "Mac" kid and the pudgy, stodgy, dopey and probably conservative "PC" guy.

So why would Costco only let Republicans return their electronics? Are Democrats planting anti-American messages in their exchanged iPods? Are leftists creating IEDs with Blackberries? Is there a vast left-wing conspiracy to brainwash children with hidden messages in cell phones?
Could it be that .... what's that? They meant "liberal" as in "easy"? You mean "easy" like Hillary Clinton? No? Ooooh, "liberal" as in "generous"!


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SingingSkies said...

*chuckle* And here I was just wondering if "liberal megachurch" was an oxymoron. Thanks for a morning giggle.