Monday, February 19, 2007

Internet addiction? Oh please

A New York man who was fired from IBM because he visited adult chatrooms while at work has slapped his ex-employer with a $5 million wrongful termination lawsuit, saying he was "an Internet addict who deserves treatment and sympathy rather than dismissal."

(IBM responds that its policy clearly prohibits surfing sexual Web sites, and that the guy was warned four months before his firing that he could lose his job if he persisted.)

Now, I like the Internet as much as anyone ... OK, maybe not as much as this guy ... but if my boss says no Internet at work, then I either obey him or risk being disciplined. That's how it works. And when did "addiction" become a protected status? Frankly, I don't want a cocaine-and-rum addict flying my next plane, and I don't think his employer should be particularly understanding about it. "Treatment and sympathy"? How about dropping him off at 35,000 feet?

Why do we let these chuckleheads clog the courts when we have more important things to do, like deciding who gets to embalm Anna Nicole Smith?

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Don said...

It's all for the love of money.